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Pepper Steak Pie

Introduction Where: Seven Eleven. CNR George St and Grosvener St Tomato Sauce: Free Price: $4.00 Crunch Level The crunch on this one was a beauty. Especially on the top of the pie where the two pieces of pastry close in together. Taste The taste here was a bit below average. The pie said it was a pepper and steak pie. However, I couldn’t not taste any of the pepper. Meat Chunk sizes The meat chunk sizes were rather inconsistent. Read more →

Lamb & Almond Sausage Roll

Introduction Where: Bourke Street Bakery, Surry Hills Tomato Sauce: not free - 20 cents **Price:**$4.50 Crunch Level Obviously we can’t judge a sausage roll’s crunch level at the same standard as a meat pie. But the ends of the sausage roll here was perfect. It just crunched into my teeth. Leaving a good amount of pastry behind to be chewed. Excellent! Taste The taste was brilliant! The blend with the nuts was really good. Read more →

Crunchy Steak Pie - Pie Face, Pitt St

Introduction Where: Pie Face on Pitt Street (Sydney) Tomato Sauce: not free - 25 cents Price: $5.45 Crunch Level Considering the pie itself was called the ‘crunchy’ steak pie. I would’ve assumed that there would be a bit more crunch. I mean it wasn’t soggy, but didn’t have that extra hit of crunch I was expecting. Taste The taste was a bit above average. I mean it had a good mix of gravy and meat chunks. Read more →