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Lamb & Almond Sausage Roll


Where: Bourke Street Bakery, Surry Hills
Tomato Sauce: not free - 20 cents

“Lamb and Almond Sausage Roll”

Crunch Level

Obviously we can’t judge a sausage roll’s crunch level at the same standard as a meat pie. But the ends of the sausage roll here was perfect. It just crunched into my teeth. Leaving a good amount of pastry behind to be chewed. Excellent!


The taste was brilliant! The blend with the nuts was really good. It also tasted a bit different with and without the tomato sauce. Very good would recommend.

Meat Chunk sizes

The chunk sizes were good as well. There was enough space between the meat and the pastry (a good meat:pastry ratio).


Perfect temperature. Was warm on the outside. But hot on the inside, but not too hot to burn my tongue (which often happens in poor quality sausage rolls).

Messiness Level

Not messy at all (you shouldn’t expect sausage rolls to be that messy). However it’s good every now and then to have a bit of pastry falling off as you bite. Would’ve liked a slight bit more messiness. But it’s all good.


I would say that this is an 8/10. The reason I didn’t give it a 9, was simply because of the fact that I had to pay for tomato sauce.