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Pepper Steak Pie


Where: Seven Eleven. CNR George St and Grosvener St
Tomato Sauce: Free
Price: $4.00

“Pepper Steak Pie”

Crunch Level

The crunch on this one was a beauty. Especially on the top of the pie where the two pieces of pastry close in together.


The taste here was a bit below average. The pie said it was a pepper and steak pie. However, I couldn’t not taste any of the pepper.

Meat Chunk sizes

The meat chunk sizes were rather inconsistent. Some chunks were big, some were small and some of the meat was minced. Also, the spread of these types of meat chunks were inconsistent around the pie itself.


The temperature here was fine. It was your typical convenient store temperature where they had kept the pies under strong light heating for a while.

Messiness Level

It should’ve been messier. I mean I ate this pie so quickly and it barely caused me any grief.


At first, I said I would give this pie a 6/10. Mainly because the taste wasn’t to the level that I expected it. But because the tomato sauce was free, and the crunch level was good. I will give it a 7/10.