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Lamb and Mushroom Pie, Bredbo Pie Shop , Bredbo NSW


Where: 31 Cooma Street, 31 Monaro Hwy, Bredbo NSW 2626

Tomato Sauce: Paid

Price: I can’t remember

Mushroom and Lamb Pie

Crunch Level - 4/5


Taste - 4/5


Temperature - 3/5


Messiness level - 2/5


Meat to pastry ratio - 3/5


Meat chunk sizes - 4/5



After a ski trip I thought I’d pop by the famous Bredbo Pie shop. It’s a wonderful shop in regional NSW that not only sells pies, but other products like honey and chocolate as well. Highly recommended.

The lamb and mushroom pie was a delight to eat. Good chunk sizes for both the mushrooms and meat and the ratio of meat and mushrooms was close to perfect.

However, I found that it wasn’t messy enough, I like my pies to have a degree of messiness to them and that’s why I gave the messiness level a 2/5. It seems that this is correlated to the meat to pastry ratio where there was too much pastry to hold the meat and it was not breaking.