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Shepherd’s Meatpie, Heatherbrae’s Pies, Heatherbrae NSW


Where: Corner Pacific Hwy And Masonite Rd, Heatherbrae NSW 2324

Tomato Sauce: Free

Price: $6.70

Tiger Pie

Crunch Level - 4/5


Taste - 5/5


Temperature - 4/5


Messiness level - 4/5


Meat to pastry ratio - 3/5


Meat chunk sizes - 4/5



One of the best pies I have had the pleasure of eating. Well worth the 2 hour drive from Sydney to enjoy.

Taste is exceptional. The real, fluffy mash potato, carrots and peas are delightful. Unfortunately some pie shops compromise by using deb for the mash potato but not at Heatherbrae’s.

It is quite a messy pie but the shop has knives and forks on offer. Nonetheless I was able to enjoy the pie without cutlery given my experience handling pies of varying sorts.

The meat was not overly chunky. This is how I like my pies. The meat chunks should not be the highlight of the pie but rather the succulent taste.

The pastry to meat ratio was excellent. The pastry was of a high quality and fresh.

The crunch level was satisfactory. It had a good bite without biting back.