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Tiger Pie, Harry’s Café de Wheels, Newcastle NSW


Where: Harry’s Café de Wheels, Newcastle NSW

Tomato Sauce: Free

Price: Can’t Remember

Tiger Pie

Crunch Level - 3/5


Taste - 3/5


Temperature - 4/5


Messiness level - 3/5


Meat to pastry ratio - 4/5


Meat chunk sizes - 4/5



Harry’s Café de Wheels is an iconic Australian culinary establishment that began with a humble pie cart operating from Woolloomooloo, NSW set up by Harry “Tiger” Edwards all the way back in 1937. It has now grown into a chain with multiple locations around NSW.

I ordered their famous “Tiger Pie” named for the founder which is essentially just your standard beef meat pie topped with generous layers of mashed potato and mushy peas with a well of gravy in the middle. These extra layers on top beautifully complimented the top quality beef meat pie below (I tend to mix the layers of gravy, peas, potato and pie filling). The meat chunk slices were large but well in proportion with the size of the pie and the quality of the beef was very good. The pie was hot and fresh to eat and the mild spiciness of the pie filling added a welcome further addition to what you’d normally expect from a beef pie.

All in all, Harry’s Newcastle didn’t fail their time tested reputation as makers of top quality pies and as usual the heaped pies and peas on top made for a tasty variation of what we’ve normally come to expect from a pie. Thoroughly recommended.