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Potato and Cheese Pie, The Upper Crust, Collaroy NSW


Where: The Upper Crust, Collaroy NSW Tomato Sauce: Free, but I didn’t use any on this pie Price: $7

“Potato and Cheese Pie”

Crunch Level - 1/5


Taste - 5/5


Temperature - 4/5


Messiness level - 2/5


Meat to pastry ratio - 4/5


Meat chunk sizes - 2/5



The Upper Crust is one of the oldest pie shops in the country and this particular pie didn’t disappoint. It was one of the tastiest pies that we’ve reviewed here at the meat pie blog, the combination of potato and cheese balanced with the meat provided a unique experience. Unfortunately though, it had very little crunch and it wasn’t messy enough (we like our meat pies to have a little mess, it’s part of the experience). Highly recommended!