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Beef Pie, Pie in the sky, Cowan NSW


Where: Pie in the Sky, Cowan NSW Tomato Sauce: Free Price: $7

“Beef pie

Crunch Level - 5/5


Taste - 4/5


Temperature - 3/5


Messiness level - 3/5


Meat to pastry ratio - 5/5


Meat chunk sizes - 3/5



The pie in the sky meat pie shop is a popular pie shop just outside of Sydney. I ordered the original beef pie and I was not disappointed. The pastry in this pie is what made it, it had a perfect crunch and it was obvious that the pastry was baked on the day. The meat chunk slices were slightly larger than I would’ve liked and not as hot as I would’ve liked (I got to the shop around closing time that may be why). Nevertheless, the quality of the meat was amazing!

I can see the hype over this pie shop and I’ll definitely be going back.