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Coles Brand Meat Pie


This is a review by Ale, one of our most avid readers.

Where: Coles CBD
Tomato Sauce: didn’t have sauce
Price: $1

“Generic Coles Meat Pie”

Crunch Level

Since I heated this meat pie in the microwave, the crunch level was actually quite bad. It probably would’ve been better if I had put it in the oven. But I was in a rush.


The taste was average. I mean it probably would’ve been better if I had put in the effort and chucked it in the oven. But these things just happen.


The temperature was OK. The package recommended that I oven bake it, but the microwave worked!

Messiness level

The messiness here wasn’t your traditional licking-of-fingers but rather a sloppy messiness. Probably the microwave’s fault.


This was a cheap and convenient pie, it was also quite big. I ate two of these pies, which meant it was good. It’s not a gourmet pie but it was still good for only $1. 6/10!